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Back to being Co-op

Back to being Co-op

We’re proudly going back to ‘Being Co-op’: rediscovering for ourselves what made the Co-op different and special for people in the first place.

So we’re changing our look to draw attention to the significant improvements we’re making to our Co-op membership, the very thing that makes us truly distinctive, must be at the heart of all we say and do.

Our new look will be familiar to many of us as the ‘clover leaf’. We first used a version of it in 1968 and we’ve chosen this look because it links to a time when people understood how they could be co-owners of their Co-op and how a strong Co-op could help to create strong communities.

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Our Co-op Membership

Here for our members

Our members are our owners – having an equal say in how we’re run.

We’re set to hand back millions to our members and local communities over the next 10 years with our new membership offer – pioneering a different way of doing business.

In Autumn 2016 we’ll launch our new membership, which will reward members and their communities for trading with the Co-op. What will they get?

  • 5% for you – every time members buy Co-op branded products and services (from a loaf of bread to a funeral plan), we’ll put 5% of what they’ve spent into their Membership account. Our members can then use that reward against their next purchase or save it for another time.
  • 1% for your community – At the same time, we’ll give 1% of the value of the branded products or services they’ve bought, to a local cause chosen by them.

Share of profits

Plus, they’ll still earn points towards a share of profits, just like they always have. So when there’s a profit left over after we’ve reinvested in the business, they might be eligible for the payment of a dividend.

Local causes

We’ve identified 1,500 communities around our Food stores and Funeralcare homes, where local causes and projects that are important to people in our communities will be given the opportunity to benefit from the new 1% donation scheme. In Autumn, members will be able to choose the local cause they want to support from a number of causes chosen by Co-op colleagues in their local area.

Member voice

We’ll carry on finding new ways for our members to be involved as they want to be and have a say in the Co-op they own.

Why wait for the change? Become a member today.

Back to being different

As a co-op our purpose is what matters most.

Championing a better way of doing business for you and your communities

We do this by putting members at the heart of Co-op and putting Co-op at the heart of local life.

The more our members use us, the better we do.

The better we do, the more we share with them and their communities.

Sharing our success

Community Fund

In Autumn 2016 we’ll launch our new membership, which will reward members and their communities

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Back to our roots

Rochdale Pioneers

We’re rightly proud of our past, and we all want to be proud of our future.

Meet the Rochdale Pioneers from 1844.

28 men who tackled injustice. Who saw that when people worked together they were stronger. Who between them pioneered a better way of doing business and started a special movement that went on to span the globe.

It’s an idea that continues to change things for the better, and we’re proud to be part of it.

Our history

1960s Co-op Store

We're going back to being Co-op, here's why

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