The Co-operative Pharmacy latest news

I don't smoke...I socialise


Smokers justify their habit by claiming they are nothing more than a social smoker, despite many stubbing out up to a packet of cigarettes each day, reveals new resea...

Brits play ‘Russian roulette’ with medicines


Britons are gambling with their own, and other people’s, lives as they flout serious safety warnings on medication

All aboard the bug express!


Contagious commuters coughing and spluttering on crowded buses and trains drive Britons to distraction according to a new study by The Co-operative Pharmacy.

Men embrace metrosexuality, no longer raising (plucked) eyebrows


The metrosexual male has finally hit the mainstream and women now expect their other halves to take part in a regular beauty regime, according to new research issued ...

The Co-operative Pharmacy and UNICEF UK scoops award for partnership


The Co-operative Pharmacy and UNICEF UK, have been honoured at this year’s Business Charity Awards for their pioneering charity partnership work, improving sanitation...

Smokers’ friendships go up in smoke


The secret to quitting smoking is to stub out friendships as well as cigarettes if people are to succeed in giving up, according to new research. A study by The Co-o...