The Co-operative logotype and words are registered trademarks and property of The Co-operative Group.

Strict design standards are in place in order to maintain the integrity and consistent application of the brand identity. For any wider application, support and detailed guidelines are available in the brand resources section of our website.


Logos for print media

For print media, .jpg and .eps versions have been made available for download below. 

JPG The Co-operative logo in .jpg format (101 Kb) - opens in new window

EPSThe Co-operative logo in .eps format (309 Kb) - opens in new window

Logos for online media

Below is a sample of logos and images for use in online press rooms:


The Co-operative logo, formerly Co-op logo

The Co-operative Group is a family of businesses democratically run by its members.

The Co-operative Food logo (formerly Co-op Food logo)

The Co-operative's local food stores aim to meet the shopping needs of the community. We provide a service to meet the needs of customers who want to shop quickly, easily and locally.

The Co-operative Pharmacy (logo, formerly Co-op Pharmacy logo)

The Co-operative Pharmacy is one of the largest community pharmacies in the UK, dedicated to providing the highest standard of health care to local communities.

The Co-operative Insurance logo (formerly Co-op Insurance logo)

The Co-operative Insurance is the only insurance provider in the UK with an Ethical Engagement Policy, which reflects its customers’ views on a range of ethical issues from human rights to the environment and animal welfare.

The Co-operative Funeral logo

With over 100 years experience, The Co-operative Funeral is the UK’s leading funeral director running more than 600 funeral homes across the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Co-op Legal Services logo

The Co-operative Legal Services is an alternative to high street solicitors, dedicated to widening and easing public access to legal provision. 

The Co-operative Membership logo

Join The Co-operative Membership to earn points on your loyalty card for a share in the profits and have an equal right to a say in how the business is run.