The Co-operative Group Board of Directors

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The Co-operative Group Board

(r) regional representative (i) independent society representative

Ursula Lidbetter

Ursula Lidbetter (i)

Group Chair. Joined the Board in 2009.

Chief Executive, Lincolnshire Co-operative. Chair of Co-operative Food Board. Member of the Group Remuneration & Appointments Committee.

Duncan Bowdler

Duncan Bowdler (r)

Joined the Board in 2007.

Trade and Legislation Manager. Member of the North West & North Midlands Regional Board. Non-Executive Director of the Co-operative Banking Group Limited, The Co-operative Bank plc, and Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd. Member of the Group Audit and Risk Committee.

Michael Harriott (r)

Joined the Group Board in May 2013.

Member of the South and West Region. Director of Co-operative Specialist Businesses Board.

Frank Nelson

Frank Nelson

Joined the Board in May 2014.

Retired Marketing Manager – Co-operative Bank. Director at Co-operatives UK and Knowsley Mutual Credit Union.

Eric Calderwood

Eric Calderwood (r)

Joined the Board in 2006.

University Lecturer/Retail Consultant. Member of the Scotland & Northern Ireland Regional Board. Director of Co-operative Food Board and a member of the Group Remuneration & Appointments Committee. Also, Director of Co-operatives UK Ltd and Chair of The Manx Co-operative Society.

Martyn Cheatle

Martyn Cheatle (i)

Joined the Board in 2010.

Chief Executive, Midlands Co-operative Society. Director of Co-operative Food Board and Chair of the Group Audit and Risk Committee.

Marc Bicknell

Marc Bicknell (r)

Joined the Group Board in October 2013.

Member of the North Regional Board and a Director of The Co-operative Food Board

Richard Pennycook

Richard Pennycook

Group Chief Executive

Joined the Group in 2013 after nearly eight years as Group Finance Director at WM Morrison Supermarkets Plc (“Morrisons”). At Morrisons he had responsibility for the Group’s finance, IT, strategy and multichannel development. Previous roles include Group Finance Director at RAC and JD Wetherspoon. Appointed Interim Group Chief Executive in March 2014 and was appointed Group Chief Executive permanently in September 2014.



The Co-operative Food Board

  • Marc Bicknell, Group Director  (Chair of the Food Board)
  • John Longworth, Independent Professional Non-Executive Director
  • Simon Burke, Independent Professional Non-Executive Director
  • Steve Murrells, Chief Executive, Food

The Co-operative Specialist Businesses Board

  • Michael Harriott, Group Director (Chair of the Specialist Businesses Board)
  • Penny Coates, Independent Professional Non-Executive Director
  • Michael Cutt, Independent Professional Non-Executive Director
  • Rod Bulmer – in attendance

The Co-operative Banking Group Board

  • Peter Harvey, (Chair) Non-Executive Director
  • Duncan Bowdler, Non-Executive Director
  • Rod Bulmer, Director
  • Bob Newton, Non-Executive Directors


  • Herbert Daybell
  • Jenny Barnes
  • David Smith
  • Ray Henderson
  • Jenny de Villiers
  • David Pownall
  • Robert Harber
  • Mark Smith
  • John Brodie
  • Andrew Donkin
  • David Morrow
  • Adrienne Lowe
  • Mark Nicholson
  • Martin Morris
  • Robin Stewart
  • Terry Morton
  • Tricia Davies
  • Louise Walker

Remuneration Committee

  • Eric Calderwood (Chair)
  • Ursula Lidbetter
  • Mark Bicknell
  • Michael Harriott
  • Frank Nelson

Risk & Audit Committee

  • Martyn Cheatle (Chair)
  • Marc Bicknell
  • Duncan Bowdler
  • IPNED (subject to relevant experience)

Search Committee

  • Ursula Lidbetter (Chair)
  • Marc Bicknell
  • Duncan Bowdler
  • Eric Calderwood
  • Martyn Cheatle
  • Michael Harriott
  • Frank Nelson
  • President (once elected)