The Co-operative Group Purpose

“Championing a better way to do business for you and your communities”

  • Richard Pennycook, interim Chief Executive announced the new Co-operative Group Purpose at the Group AGM on Saturday 17th May.
  • The Purpose will form part of the organisation’s turnaround and goes back to the original Co-operative roots
  • Developed with the Group Board, colleagues and members
  • The next phase of the business plan will be released at the Half Year Meeting in November 2014.

Championing – It’s part of our heritage, taking a stand, making a noise on a small number of social issues which are relevant to our businesses and our members lives 

Better way of doing business – we need to be commercially successful, building a sustainable way of doing business that is mutually beneficial, recycling our success into strengthening communities. Continuing our ongoing commitment to ethical values and sourcing

For You – immediate and tangible benefits for our members and customers who are not yet members. Functional benefits - better prices; great quality; right location; excellent customer service; emotional benefit – feels good and feels right

Your Communities – enabling and strengthening communities, being locally relevant and reinforcing reasons why members and customers should be loyal to us

Co-operative values and principles.