Co-op Sustainability reporting 2015

Ethical leadership

Co-op Way reporting 2015

Every year, we publish details of how we’ve performed on a range of ethics and sustainability issues.

Our latest reporting sets out our progress during 2015.

Download the full report (PDF, 129 pages, 7MB)

We’ve also broken down the full report in to 7 sections, in case there’s a particular bit you’re interested in:


Download introduction (PDF, 4 pages, 422KB)

Ethical trade and human rights

We’re the largest global convenience seller of Fairtrade products

Fairtrade premium was received by our Fairtrade producer communities (2014: £2.6m)

participants from 530 supplier sites attended our supplier events in Europe and Africa that raised awareness, provided guidance and shared best practice on labour issues (2014: 494 participants; 369 sites)

Download ethical trade and human rights section (PDF, 12 pages, 1MB)

Community and society

of the value of Co-op brand products or services that Members buy will go to a local cause, as part of our new Membership offer

We sponsor eight academy schools in Manchester, Leeds and Stoke-on-Trent

colleagues and Members voted, and helped decide on our Charity Partnership with the British Red Cross to respond to the hidden epidemic of loneliness in our communities

Download community and society section (PDF, 32 pages, 2MB)

Environment and resource use

We’ve reduced our total direct greenhouse gas emissions by 43% since 2006, and are aiming for a 50% reduction by 2020

We sourced 99% of our electricity from renewables (2014: 98%)

of our waste was reused or recycled (2014: 95%)

Download environment and resource use section (PDF, 23 pages, 2MB)

Business ethics and behaviour

Fair Tax Mark
We were awarded the Fair Tax Mark in November 2015, and were reaccredited in 2016

We report on our public policy engagement – instances where we have raised or supported a point of difference relating to one of our material sustainability issues

Download business ethics and behaviour section (PDF, 8 pages, 753KB)

Our people

of our colleagues are Members (2014: 92%)

pay rise for our frontline colleagues in Food, above the initial level set by the Government’s National Living Wage

Members voted in our 2016 AGM and elections (2015 AGM and elections: 90,000)

Download people section (PDF, 22 pages, 1MB)

Ethics and sustainability management

We set 54 targets for 2015, of which we achieved or are on track to achieve 47

Download sustainability management section (PDF, 28 pages, 1MB)

Reporting you can trust

Our sustainability performance, both in our annual and our sustainability reporting, is independently assured.

We’ve published an Assurance statement (PDF, 6 pages 398KB). And our reporting complies with the GRI G4 reporting guidelines (core) (PDF, 12 pages 323 KB) (PDF, 12 pages 323KB).

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