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Making Connections: The Co-operative Guide for Fairtrade Towns

Campaigning for Fairtrade

A growing number of communities in the UK and internationally have registered their support for Fairtrade by working towards and gaining Fairtrade Town status. Community organisations, faith groups, businesses, schools and individuals have all contributed by pledging to do what they can to support Fairtrade and promote the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Across the UK, co-operatives and their members have supported local communities in their Fairtrade journey. Both the co-operative and Fairtrade movements share a vision for a fairer world and have worked together for almost twenty years to achieve this.

These connections should come as no surprise, since both movements were set up in response to inequalities and unjust market practices. Both have sought to empower and inform producers and consumers. They prove that fairness and values in the market place can and do work.

Who is this website for?

This website is for co-operative members and for Fairtrade Town groups. It explores how Fairtrade Towns can strengthen their groups and activities by working more closely with co-operatives and their members. And, how co-operative members can get involved with (or start) their own local campaign!

Through working together we can ensure more people across the UK understand and support Fair Trade and more producers benefit from Fair Trade – whether they are growing our morning coffee, our roses on Valentine’s Day or producing that glass of wine enjoyed after a hard day spent promoting Fairtrade!

The website features regularly updated news and events listings, links to other useful resources and contact details for relevant organisations. It is accompanied by a pack of printed materials, which can be downloaded here, or hard copies can be ordered through contacting the Co-operative College.

Fairtrade Town status is awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation. For more information, support and to find you local group, visit or contact