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Blairgowrie farm

Every year up to 250 seasonal workers live and work at Rosemount farm in Blairgowrie picking strawberries both in polytunnels and in the fields.


Rosemount farm is 3km from Blairgowrie town, in the county of Perthshire, central Scotland. The nearest cities are Dundee (29km) and Perth (27km). Perth was once the capital of Scotland and the home of Scone Palace where the ancient Kings of Scotland were crowned. Blairgowrie is a centre for holidaymakers and a well known passing point for tourists and skiers.

Soft fruits such as raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are grown locally.

Working at the farm

Strawberry picking is the biggest job at Blairgowrie. At the peak of the picking in June and July, 250 seasonal workers are needed so that our fruit can be harvested at the best possible time to get it into stores when customers most want it. Workers come as far as Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Picking takes place in the earlier, cooler part of the day. The berries are put straight into punnets on trays in the field to prevent them from bruising. From there the crop is brought quickly into the farm’s cold rooms to lock the flavour in and keep them fresh. They are then taken to our pack house at Longforgan.

As well as strawberry picking there is also tunnel construction work, irrigation, data recording, crop walking, pack house work, tractor driving, supervising, row checking, and quality testing.


Our strawberry pickers live on site in well equipped caravans or cabins. The farm has a recreational centre for workers, which includes a large communal kitchen with 20 cookers and a reception room with sofas, a table tennis table, television, a telephone and a computer with wireless internet access. This building also contains the showers for the cabin residents and coin operated washing machines. 


Every new arrival receives a thorough induction, which includes;

  • Introducing farm staff
  • The role in detail
  • Holidays and wages
  • Sickness
  • Health and safety
  • Accommodation
  • Money/ bank accounts
  • Location
  • What clothes to wear for work
  • Emergency and farm staff contact numbers
  • General information and rules
  • Question time

Why come to Rosemount Farm?

As well as offering a fair wage (as regulated by AWB/SAWB) and clean, safe accommodation, working with us will be a fun, memorable experience. We organise bus trips to nearby attractions, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Loch Ness. You will make many friends and on your free time you can play sport or explore the beautiful Scotland countryside.