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Written by acclaimed cartoonist Polyp, The Co-operative Revolution: A Graphic Novel tells the fascinating story of the origins of the co-operative movement and how it has grown to be a global force that is now a billion members strong.

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New Internationalist 

Chapter 1

Yesterday – the origins of the
co-operative movement.

The moving story of 28 weavers and artisans who established a
co-operative shop in Toad Lane, Rochdale in 1844.

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Chapter 2

Today – the story of co-operatives across the world.

The incredible diversity of the 1.4million co-operatives now operating across the world.

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Chapter 3

Always – the science of

How scientific thinking has evolved in recent years to recognise that co-operation is a major driving force in nature.

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Chapter 4

Tomorrow - an imagined
co-operative future.

Glimpse of a vibrant, sustainable and optimistic future, in which a 'co-op spring' has transformed society.

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This artwork from the graphic novel is yours to download for free. Click on the magnifying glass to view a large version. Download from the thumbnail image or the large version using the download button. If you are using the image as part of a public event, please link back to the novel if you can.

Rochdale, 21st December 1844

The Rochdale Principles

Robert Owen's 'New Lanark'

Meeting room, Toad Lane

World map of co-operatives

FC Barcelona OWNED!

Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

Murmuration of starlings


Co-operation in our DNA

Rochdale, 2044

The Rochdale Pioneers