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Green Schools Revolution

Green Schools Revolution is changing!

The Co-operative are still offering exciting and engaging free education resources for classroom across the UK. Our goal is still about inspiring young people, so discover inspiring resources around key topics like energy, water, healthy living, fair enterprise and biodiversity, and different ways to make good things happen in each local areas. So join and discover inspiring resources to encourage creative thinking and educational growth, and parents can join in at home too, with lots of different games, fun activities and resources to explore on this site.

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For great hints and tips to help you achieve your green ambitions.

Primary students

school resources

From biodiversity activities
to electrifying lesson plans.

Primary resources
Secondary students

school resources

From whole school activities
to Fairtrade enterprise.

Secondary resources
Activites and games 

Activities and games

Parents can join in the fun at home to get the whole family inspired on being green.

Activites and games

Fairtrade & The Co-operative video 

Watch our short film below and find out how we've gone beyond Fairtrade with benefits above and beyond the standard Fairtrade premium and how to get involved.


Rochdale pioneers museum

Learn outside the classroom at the Rochdale pioneers museum, the birthplace of the Co-operative movement.


More to explore

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