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Ideas, events, people and causes that will truly inspire you.

5 easy ways to help your local community

Commuting, working long hours, running a household and bringing up a family can make it difficult to find time for community living, but here are five easy ways to get involved, make a real difference and hopefully have some fun along the way too!...

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Kate Garraway interview: small loan, big difference

Kate Garraway – ITV presenter and entrepreneur – is an ambassador for . Here she tells The Co-operative Magazine why she’s supporting the initiative and shares stories of the real differences she’s seen that these small loans can...

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Help grow a business in the developing world

With a history of pioneering Fairtrade and helping people to trade their way out of poverty, we’re leading the way once again, working with the charity CARE International UK to support is an innovative scheme whi...

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We're a co-operative through and through

Life is better when we work together. Which is why we’re inviting you to share in Co-operatives Fortnight - two weeks of showcasing all the benefits that co-operatives bring through great events, competitions and offers. So roll on Co-operatives...

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Young people deserve our support

Shackled with the legacy of national debt, an increasingly rickety property ladder and an uncertain future shaped by climate change, it’s a challenging time to be a young person in Britain. Following a survey to help shape The Co-operative’s...

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Grow co-operatives

Our latest campaign with Oxfam.
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In Season for May

Make the most of your spring cooking.
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