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More UK workers pulling on their trainers at lunch

Post by John Chappels on 13 February 2012 in Health & Wellbeing

More UK workers pulling on their trainers at lunch

Going for a run at lunchtime has become a habit for millions of Brits, a study has claimed.

Instead of sitting down at desks and in canteens to enjoy some food and a relaxing break from work, more than two million workers are said to regularly change into their running gear in order to spend their lunch hour pounding the streets.

Sportswear firm Helly Hansen spoke to 1,500 workers about their exercise habits during the working day. It found that on average, people will cover a distance of about three miles, three times a week. And while one in 13 of those questioned said they run in their lunch breaks, one-fifth said they engaged in some form of exercise.

The researchers said: "Hectic lifestyles or feeling too worn out at the end of an arduous day in the office means the only real option is to incorporate exercise into the day."

A report by the Daily Mail said that although a quarter of people surveyed tend to take longer than one hour for their lunch break as a result of exercising, more than half claimed they felt they were more productive after going for a run. They also believed that showing commitment to exercising and looking after their health helped to create a good impression with their employer.

The NHS advises people to complete at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity each week, such as running, along with muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days.

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