Co-operative Schools


The Co-operative is committed to developing a dynamic and active co-operative schools movement in the UK. We are working with a range of organisation across the UK to make this vision a reality.


Our Academies


The Co-operative Group sponsors three secondary academies. Through our support for these schools, we are working to improve life chances for learners in deprived communities, and provide an outstanding education based on co-operative values. We are working in partnership with other schools in West Yorkshire and the North West to grow our network of both primary and secondary academies over the next five years.


Supporting Co-operative Schools


We are proud to be working with the Schools Co-operative Society to create a strong independent voice and mutual support for all co-operative schools. We work with other co-operative education organisations throughout the UK to develop co-operative schools. In England we work with the Co-operative College to help develop co-operative models of education.   In Scotland we fund and support the Co-operative Education Trust, Scotland to provide schools with opportunities to explore and understand the world of co-operatives.   The Co-operative works with a network of schools in Northern Ireland who are working to embed co-operative values into their schools.


Promoting Co-operative Values


We are a unique business with much to share. Exciting initiatives such as Green Schools Revolution and The Co-operative Film Festival, that all schools can get involved in, give young people the chance to find out more about our business and our values.