How a big thank you makes a big difference

At The Co-operative we’re here for the whole community. You can help your local area by joining the thousands of other Co-operative members who have come together to make good things happen all across the UK.

Here's how:

Every time you use your Co-operative Membership card, whether on groceries or electrical goods, you collect points that go towards receiving a share of our profits. You can choose to donate all, or just some, of your share to The Co-operative Membership Community Fund. This fund is distributed to then local groups and projects in your area.

Here's why:

The communities we serve have always been important to us. With our Community Fund the money donated in your area stays in your area, so you get to see first-hand the good things that are happening as a result of your generosity. If you know or are involved in a local group or community project, you can find out more about applying for funding here.

Here's to you:

Last year, thanks to the donations of our members, The Co-operative Membership Community Fund was able to give over £3.2 million to local projects. These projects included sports clubs, theatre groups, rescue teams and children’s nurseries and provided funding for everything from tents to first-aid equipment. Even new canoes!

Help make good things happen in your area - donate or apply for funding today.