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We’ve been providing responsible investment advice to our customers and Co-operative members since 1872. Being owned by a co-operative means we’re accountable to our members and customers, not stock markets and speculators. And we never forget that the money we look after belongs to our customers. It’s your money, our responsibility.
So you can be sure that your money is working hard where you want it to - whether you’re saving for a rainy day, your children’s education or planning your pension.

And that’s not all. We also try and change things for the better through our customer-led Ethical Engagement Policy. This allows us to put pressure on the companies we invest in to improve their performance in relation to issues of concerns to our customers’, such as climate change and human rights.

Membership points are not earned on products from The Co-operative Investments (Pensions, Savings, Life and Health Insurance policies). Profits made on these policies are applied directly to the policy rather than converted into membership points.

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