2014 Sustainability Performance

2014 Sustainability Performance

The following pages provide a review of our 2014 sustainability performance. We are committed to reporting transparently on how we’ve been addressing the key sustainability issues for our business, as we have for over a decade now.

Strategy and management

During 2014, we launched our new Purpose and a three-stage strategy to begin to deliver this: to Rescue, Rebuild and Renew the Co-operative Group.

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Community and society

Concern for community is enshrined in our co-operative principles. In line with our new Purpose, we aim to support and strengthen the UK communities in which we trade, as well as communities overseas.

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Products and services

We have both a responsibility and an opportunity to have a positive impact through the products we sell and services we provide. Our focus ranges from championing Fairtrade, to ensuring healthy products are available to customers across a range of budgets.

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Environmental impact

We are working to protect the natural resources that our business and wider society depend on, not least by addressing our climate change impacts, taking a sustainable approach to waste management and minimising our use of resources across the business.

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As a purpose-led business, our members, customers, colleagues and suppliers are central to all that we do and are key to our success. Member involvement sets co-operatives apart from other businesses, and going forward, renewed engagement with our Members will be a priority.

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Our reporting

For 2014, our reporting consists of this Data Centre and a Sustainability Review in our Annual Report. In light of recent change within our business, we are undertaking a review of our sustainability priorities and approach and as part of this, we are taking an interim approach to our sustainability reporting this year.

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