Tar sands – supporting the Beaver Lake Cree

As part of our campaign to stop tar sands expansion, we've been supporting the Beaver Lake Cree Nation.

Our goal

We will continue with our Clean Energy Revolution campaign, which seeks to end the use of unconventional fossil fuels and inspire community energy growth.

About the Beaver Lake Cree

The Beaver Lake Cree live in the boreal forest of northeast Alberta, Canada. In 1876, their ancestors signed a treaty with the government ceding an area the size of Switzerland in return for guaranteed rights to hunt, fish and gather plants and medicines on these lands.

Around 30% of current tar sands operations are within these territories, fragmenting a huge area of forest, polluting the air and water, disturbing wildlife and threatening the Beaver Lake Cree’s traditional way of life. Exploitation is set to triple in the area over coming years.

In response, the Beaver Lake Cree have commenced a legal battle to protect their environment and traditional way of life. If they are successful it would have huge implications for the oil industry’s massive expansion plans for the tar sands. We view this legal action as perhaps one of our best chances to stop tar sands expansion, and the climate and local ecological disaster it threatens.

Since we announced our support for the legal challenge in February 2009 (see Guardian article), we have:

Find out more

Watch our campaign film, featuring interviews with the Beaver Lake Cree:

Watch the trailer for Tar Wars, the BBC documentary about the Beaver Lake Cree and our campaign:

Read a blog about The Co-operative’s visit to the Beaver Lake Cree on the WWF-UK website.

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