Stop tar sands expansion

The Co-operative is campaigning for a clean energy revolution. As part of this campaign we're calling for a halt to the alarming global trend of exploiting unconventional fossil fuels such as tar sands and shale gas.

Our goal

We will continue with our Clean Energy Revolution campaign, which seeks to end the use of unconventional fossil fuels and inspire community energy growth.

What are tar sands and why are we campaigning?

Tar sands consist of oil trapped in a complex mixture of sand, water and clay. Its extraction is environmentally destructive and energy intensive, resulting in three times more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil production.

Canada’s tar sands deposits are the world’s second largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia and if fully exploited would alone take us to the brink of runaway climate change. The oil industry has announced plans to invest $379 billion expanding tar sands developments over coming years.

Tar sands developments also destroy pristine forest, produce huge quantities of toxic waste and pollute air and water, with profound consequences for local wildlife and indigenous communities.

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