Motion 10: Members motion - Political Donations

Votes For 55.17% / Against 44.83% - Carried

To approve political expenditures, not to exceed £1 million per annum, that support the objectives of the co-operative movement. As co-operatives we are formed and run by people who work together to meet common economic, social, and cultural needs.

This expenditure includes the membership subscription to the Co-operative Party which has worked, since it was formed by over 100 co-operatives in 1917, to ensure that co-operators are represented in our democracy at every level, by promoting co-operation in social and political debates as well as in policy and legislation. The Party is funded by its member co-operatives societies including the Co-operative Group, and by people who are Party members.

Group Board Response The Board is neutral on this motion. It is looking to members to determine the Society's policy on political donations.

Members’ Council Response The Council recommends that members support members’ motion 10.

Further detail regarding the rationale for the Council’s recommendation in the AGM Pack in respect of motion 10 is shown below:

The Members’ Council recommends support for the Co-operative Party to maintain a relationship set up by the Co-operative Movement in 1917. The relationship has enabled co-operatives to grow – more recently into education, community energy, finance (through credit unions) and sport (through supporters’ trusts). This cannot be achieved without political change. This motion is not about donations but about a subscription to a Party set up almost 100 years ago by the Movement to level the playing field with ‘Big Business’.