2021 Motions

Our 2021 Motions

What is a motion?

A motion is a proposal that is voted on by members at our AGM. Motions can be put forward by our business, our Members’ Council, Independent Society Members (ISMs) and by individual members and some motions are required by our Rules.

Motions make it simple to bring forward matters of policy or issues to the AGM which can be debated by our wider membership.

2021 Motions

The Board is recommending you vote for motions 1 to 8 and asks members to read the ‘more information’ section by clicking on the links before deciding how to vote on motion 9. The Members' Council is recommending you vote for motions 1 to 9.

1 To receive the Annual Report and Accounts for the period ended 2 January 2021.

2 To approve the Directors' Remuneration report for the period ended 2 January 2021.

3 To re-appoint Ernst and Young LLP as our auditors and authorise the Risk and Audit Committee to fix their remuneration.

4 Joint Board and Council Motion - Political Donations

5 Board Motion - Supporting a Modern and Inclusive Co-operative Movement

6 Council Motion - Sustainable Production and Consumption

7 Council Motion - Inequality and Food Poverty

8 ISMs Motion - Co-operative Sustainable Solutions

9 ISMs Motion - Funding for Co-op Press and Co-op College

The Technical Bit

More information can be found in our jargon buster

You Said, We Did

Have a look at our update on the motions you voted for last year.

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