Board and directors

Who's on the Co-op board and executive.

Our board

The board oversees the overall strategy and is elected by our members. Our directors are highly qualified and must show a commitment to co-operative values and principles.

Our executive

The executive is the highest level of management with day-to-day responsibilities for managing our Co-op.

Executive directors

These are Co-op employees and part of the executive management team (senior management). They're responsibile for managing day-to-day business.

The board appoints up to 2 executive directors who are then subject to election by Members at the first AGM following their appointment, and every 3 years after that.

Independent non-executive directors (INED)

These are members of the board but not on the executive management team. They are not Co-op employees. They provide professional industry knowledge. The board selects and appoints INEDs but members vote for or against INEDs remaining on the board at the first AGM following their appointment.

Member nominated directors (MND)

A Member Nominated Director makes sure your voice is heard at the highest level. Just like the Executive Directors and the Independent Non-Executive Directors, they’re part of the Board but the difference is that they are chosen directly by you. The term of office for the MND position is three years.