AGM 2018 motions 10 to 12

Motions 10 to 12 are Ordinary Resolutions and are advisory.

They only need a simple majority to go through.

Joint Board and Council Motion - Political Donations

Motion 10 To seek approval to incur political expenditure, including donations and/or subscriptions to political parties, not exceeding £750,000 in total for the year commencing 1 January 2019.

Notes on motion 10: We follow best practice and any decisions on the principles of political donations is put to a vote at the AGM. We are a founding-member and funder of the Co-operative party (‘Party’), and have member representation on the Party’s National Executive Committee. The Party was created in 1917 to defend and further the cause of co-operation in the UK, ensuring that co-operators are elected and the Co-operative Movement’s voice is heard in Parliament and at all levels of government.

We are a subscribing member of the Party and last year, agreed funding of £625,600 for 2018. If this motion is not passed, we will give notice to the Party that we will withdraw as a subscribing member; however, we will honour our existing commitment to give the Party 12 months’ notice to terminate our membership and will provide funding until the end of 2019 to allow the Party time to think about its future. If this motion is accepted, we will continue to be a subscribing member, but will be able to make additional small donations to other political parties, campaigns and organisations which support Co-operative values and principles.

The Board and Council recommend supporting this motion.


For 73,805 (79.38%)
Against 19,168 (20.62%)
Withheld 13,737

Joint Council and Board Motion - Plastic Recycling

Motion 11 This AGM is pleased with the leadership position being taken by our Co-op to minimise, in its supply chains and products, the use of plastics evidenced as harmful when diffused into our environment.

We welcome our Co-op's very early support for the plastic bottle deposit return scheme, the work progressing to develop fully biodegradable paper tea bags and the plans to replace with paper straws the plastic straws that we sell, use and attach to soft drinks.

We call upon the Board to maintain our leadership position in identifying and reducing the sources of plastic pollution and maximising the recyclability of packaging, especially plastic packaging, used in the UK and report each year on the detailed progress made to that end.

Notes on motion 11: Our aim is to make 100% of our packaging easy to recycle, with an interim target of 80% by 2020. Unlike other retailers, our target is based on product lines and not weight, as this is how our customers look at packaging.

The main focus of our work is on plastics and we are pleased that the public policy debate is again focused on how we can work collectively as retailers, producers, citizens, and government (both nationally and locally) and commit to actions to reduce the impact of single-use plastics. DEFRA’s 25 year environment plan has brought these conversations even sharper into focus.

Currently, 71% of Co-op brand products are in easy to recycle packaging, a huge move from 46% in 2016.

We want to continue to work across the industry to find new ways to package products as the current norms are not working. We’ve already started this through our changes to meat and fish packaging, our trial of fully compostable tea bags, introduction of cardboard pizza boxes and recyclable produce trays, as well as the news that we will move our water bottles to material made from 50% recycled plastic. We also want to inform and guide shoppers about the positives and challenges behind packaging and recycling.

The Board and Council recommend supporting this motion.


For 94,915 (99.06%)
Against 900 (0.94%)
Withheld 6,693

Members' Motion – Responsible Advertising

Motion 12 This AGM notes the concern from the United Nations and hate crime experts that some media outlets in the UK are fuelling and legitimising prejudice and an increase in hate crime. The Co-operative Group has responded positively to member concerns on this issue and has introduced an advertising policy to "challenge those views expressed in print which we and many of our members believe are incompatible with our values" and "use our contacts with publishers at every level to make the case for change".

The Co-operative Group leads the way on meaningful social responsibility policies, including open and honest reporting on impact. We call upon the Board to review the impact of the current advertising policy and report to members: the specific issues publications have been engaged on; the impact of this engagement; and processes by which impact is monitored. If the Board’s review finds it unable to report impact, we ask it to prepare an ethical advertising policy that puts controls in place to ensure adverts do not appear in media that are incompatible with co-operative ethics, values and principles. We ask the Board to report on progress to the AGM in 2019.

Notes on motion 12: Your Board is not making any voting recommendation on motion 12. The Council recommends supporting this motion.


For 92,811 (96%)
Against 3,868 (4%)
Withheld 8,387

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