Loneliness Action Group Shadow Report September 2019

A connected society? Assessing progress in tackling loneliness.

Download the report

  • PDF LAG Shadow Report Sept 2019 (PDF, 25 pages, 832 KB)
  • PDF LAG Shadow Report Appendix Sept 2019 (PDF, 10 pages, 42 KB)

Loneliness strategy

In 2018, the Government committed to a loneliness strategy ‘A Connected Society’ which set out an ambitious agenda for tackling loneliness.

Nearly one year on from the publication of the government’s loneliness strategy, the Loneliness Action Group has produced this Shadow Report which examines how the strategy is being implemented.

This shadow report highlights that there is a clear need to consolidate and build upon existing achievements, to ensure change is felt within communities and that the important progress made is not lost.

Government has laid the solid foundations needed – but must now take efforts to the next level. We need to ensure the loneliness agenda remains a firm priority if we are to maintain momentum and deliver the ambition that lead to the creation of the Loneliness Strategy.