Modern slavery campaign

Tackling modern slavery and supporting victims.

We have a long history of addressing social injustice and supporting workers' rights. At our 2017 AGM, our members voted overwhelmingly in support of us campaigning on modern slavery and better victim support.

What is modern slavery?

We think of slavery as an injustice from long ago. But the reality is, there are more people in conditions of slavery today than ever before. Estimates suggest that 40 million people worldwide are victims of modern slavery - and 13,000 of those are in the UK. It’s an issue that can affect anyone.

Modern slavery can come in many forms including forced labour, debt bondage, trafficking or domestic servitude. Victims are often hidden in plain sight, on construction sites or farms, in car washes or hotels. Someone could be in slavery if they:

  • are being forced to work
  • are owned or controlled by an employer
  • have been bought or sold
  • are physically constrained
  • are subject to physical or mental abuse

Tackling modern slavery

You can read our report from 2017 on why we’re doing what we can to tackle modern slavery.

  • PDF Tackling modern slavery report (PDF, 8 pages, 800 KB)