Co-op academies

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Co-op Academies Timeline

The Co-op is the largest corporate sponsor of Academies in the UK. We support the Co-op Academies Trust to provide outstanding educational opportunities for students attending our schools in Yorkshire, Manchester and Stoke and play an active role in their communities.

Co-operative values and principles are the foundation of all of our schools, inspiring a new generation of high achieving, aspirational, skilled, and confident young people who fully understand and appreciate how a co-operative approach will prepare and enable them to play their part in the changing global society.

Timeline: September 2010: CAM September 2010: CAS September 2011: CAL January 2013: Brownhill Primary Academy, Oakwood Primary Academy, Woodlands Primary Academy September 2014: Nightingale Primary Academy February 2016: MCMA July 2017: Failsworth High, Preiesthorpe High

Colleagues can support our schools by volunteering for a range of opportunities, including reading partners and assemblies on Fairtrade with resources to support you here.

To find out more about the Co-op Academies Trust, visit here.