Council Elections 2020

Council Elections: the results are in...

The results for our 2020 Council Elections are now in. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Use the links below to see which candidates were successful and unsuccessful across 12 of our constituencies. For 2020, we didn't have any seats up for election in the Isle of Man. We also didn't hold elections for Independent Society Members this year, as we had five candidates for five vacancies.

North West

North East

South West

South East

Northern Ireland




Yorkshire & the Humber

East of England

West Midlands

East Midlands

See the results of our 2019 Council Elections.

Our National Members' Council

Our Members’ Council represents the voices of our members and is made up of 100 members from around the UK, including colleagues. Working closely with our Board and Executive Management team, our Council Members meet regularly to be advocates for our values and principles, hear the latest from around the Co-op and provide input on big plans: helping us to do more for people and the planet.

In the last year, this has included: Fairtrade and sustainability, retail crime and community wellbeing.

Do you have any questions about our Council Elections or our Members' Council? Please email: