Become a Council Member

Applications for our 2020 Council Elections have now closed...

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The results are in...

Thanks to everyone who applied or shared their interest in 2020.

Find out the results of our 2020 Members' Council Elections

Become a Co-opted Council Member

Our Members' Council has up to seven seats available for co-option each year, helping us to represent our diverse communities. To apply, you need to be a Co-op Member but don't need to meet our eligibility criteria of having 500 trading points or a three-year membership term.

2020 applications for co-option have now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied or shared their interest.

Thinking about applying in 2021?

Applications for our Members' Council will open again in January, 2021.

To apply, you'll need to earn at least 500 trading points in 2020 and have been a Co-op Member for three years prior to applying.

The role of our Members' Council

Our Members’ Council gets involved in all parts of Co-op life and has a responsibility to:

• Work with our Board and senior managers to make sure members’ interests are represented and positively influence their thinking.

• Make sure that we’re staying true to our values and principles

• Be a strong advocate for Co-op in the outside world – shout loudly and proudly about our achievements, work with your local community and get Co-op Members involved in shaping the Co-op they own.

How do our Council Members do this? They:

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Does this sound like an opportunity for you? Hear from some of our newest Council Members as they bring the role to life below or read about some of our Council Members' latest work.

If you have any questions about the role or the application process, please email us:

Find out more

You can read more about how our Council Elections work in our regulations. You can also take a look at our role profile to learn more about what being a Council Member involves and see if it's for you.