Co-op Foundation

Helping disadvantaged communities work together to make things better.

The Co-op Foundation helps disadvantaged communities to overcome their challenges by putting co-operative values into practice. We connect and empower people so they can work together to make things better.

We were set up by the Co-op to complement its other work with communities across the UK. To do this, the Foundation has set out 3 goals for the next 3 years.

To champion young people’s ability to contribute positively to their communities and help strengthen their sense of belonging. See how we’re working with young people to tackle loneliness.

To invest in disadvantaged communities’ capacity to overcome social, economic or environmental challenges. Help shape our plans to level the playing field for our communities.

To build our reputation as a trusted charity with a co-operative difference, uniting with others to make sustainable impact in communities. Find out how we’re run and funded or get in touch.

Looking for funding?

The Foundation is not currently open to grant applications. If you’re looking for funding for a local cause, you might be eligible to apply to the Co-op’s Local community fund.

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