Our vision and purpose

Co-operative values and principles are as relevant today as they were when we were founded in 1844 and they’re at the heart of our approach to addressing the challenges that our Co-op and society as a whole face today.

Our vision is "Co-operating for a Fairer World".

Our purpose is championing a better way of doing business for you and your community.

Our long-term commitment to our co-operative values and principles, as well as our insights into the needs of our people, communities and members, have helped us to shape the commitments that will deliver our vision.

All underpinned by our commitment to delivering a diverse and inclusive culture throughout everything that we do.

Our report

This is the 16th year we’ve provided members with an open and honest report on our responsible business performance to help them understand how we’re doing on the issues that matter to them.

See our 2021 highlights.

For more detail you can download our full report.

"This report outlines the progressive actions we are taking to deliver against our vision. It is a critical and transparent account of our commitment to ethical, responsible and, above all else, co-operative business."

Steve Murrells, Co-op Group CEO

Since 1844 we've made it our mission to

ensure our members and communities are

seen heard and helped where they're

needed most. From tackling inequality and

empowering communities to finding solutions

to the climate crisis.

Our vision is to cooperate for a fairer

world. Fairer for our colleagues, fairer for

our members and communities and fairer

for our planet, delivering a diverse and

inclusive culture in all that we do.

Our cooperate report shows the targets

and progress we're making towards

delivering our vision. It's an open and

honest account of our commitment to

being an ethical responsible and above

all else cooperative business.

In 2021 to make things fairer for our

colleagues, we supported hundreds of

apprenticeships by launching Co-op

Levy Share, bringing together over seven

million pounds. We've also aligned pay

rates with the real living wage.

To make things fairer for our communities

and members, we launched our partnership

with Hubbub, helping to double the size of

the UK's community fridge network.

Together we've raised 100 million pounds to

support local communities across the UK.

To make things fairer for our planet, we hit our

target to half the carbon emissions from

running our business three years early.

We've also made 100 per cent of our own brand

food packaging easy to recycle.

We're clear that at the heart of our operation

is cooperation and without the help of

our members, colleagues and customers

none of these achievements would have

been possible. So thank you. For the full

story please read our cooperate report.

The issues that matter most

We’re a diverse group of businesses which means that our impacts are extensive and varied, and we know that we can’t lead on every aspect of sustainable development.

So we focus on our most significant social, environmental and economic impacts and the issues that matter most to our stakeholders.

Our approach has been shaped by a materiality review that we carried out in 2021. You can read more about this process here, and read more on these issues below.

Our reporting

For 16 years, our reporting has set out how we’re addressing sustainability, ethics and community.

The process of accounting, assurance and reporting is important to drive performance against our vision of Co-operating for a Fairer World, as well as providing crucial information to our stakeholders.

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