The Co-op Way 2017 - Ethical trade

Showing how we do business responsibly.

We’re committed to ethical trade – ensuring that those who provide the products and services we buy and sell are treated fairly, and that their human rights are respected.


increase in Fairtrade sales


supplier site audits


In 2017 members voted for us to maintain our status as the world's biggest convenience retailer of Fairtrade products, and commit even more to Fairtrade.

We remain the world's largest retailer of Fairtrade wine and 100% of our own-brand cocoa, sugar, tea and coffee and bananas is Fairtrade.

Tilimuqui, Argentina, is one of the communities Co-op Fairtrade supports around the world.

Labour standards in our supply chain

We source Co-op brand products sold in our food stores from over 1,800 sites around the world that together employ more than half a million workers.

We expect our suppliers to give their workers fair reward, safe and decent conditions, and protection from forced labour.

We have a comprehensive auditing and monitoring programme and we actively work with suppliers to improve labour standards.

Workers at Flamingo Flowers, Kenya, suppliers of Fairtrade certified roses to Co-op.