The Co-op Way 2018

Food and farming

We invest a significant amount in our British suppliers, establishing strong relationships through our Farming Groups and offering products produced to good animal welfare standards. We take a stance against animal testing for cosmetics and household products.


higher welfare fresh frozen and prepared products sold


independent audits conducted across our Farming Groups

Supporting British farming

We have just over 400 British farmers and growers in our eight Farming Groups. In developing our groups we aim to encourage best practice and create profitable returns among our farmers, and provide our members and customers with high quality fresh and frozen 100% British meat, poultry and milk.

Meet one of the farmers supplying us with high quality chicken

Environmental Management

We have now completed year two of the Co-op Enviro-Map project which measures carbon footprints and biodiversity across our Farming Groups.

Animal welfare

Antimicrobial Resistance is an increasing global challenge and threat. Food retailers in particular have a responsibility to take action and we recognise there are further opportunities to improve antibiotic usage performance across the supply chain.

We’ve been engaging and working collaboratively with industry bodies and within our supply chain to approach this in a holistic manner. We’ve established key projects to reduce antibiotic usage levels within the different species areas and we publish our performance in antibiotic usage within our Farming Groups on an annual basis.