The Co-op Way 2018

Healthy living

We help our members, colleagues and customers to lead healthy lives through the products we sell and our campaigning to promote healthier living.

253 million

teaspoons of sugar removed from our products


of Co-op branded food met government salt target


We're reducing the amount of salt, sugar and fat in key product categories to ensure our customers have healthier options.

Our Future of Food ambition sets out our commitment to designing products with quality, sustainability and health at the front of our mind.

Our traffic light labelling provides nutrition information for Co-op products at a glance. The colour coding allows customers to check if the product is low, medium or high in fat, saturated fat, sugar or salt. At the end of 2018, 45% of our Co-op branded food and drink products carried no red traffic light.

Healthy choices

In 2018, we launched our new Well & Good range across categories including Food to Go and Ready Meals, to meet specific health needs of customers such as controlling calories, or eating more of their five a day.

We continue to find opportunities to add more vegetables to our products, and inspire customers to use vegetables through our communications, as part of the Peas Please campaign. In January 2019 we supported the Veg Power advertising campaign launch via till screens, instore radio, Co-op Food magazine, social media and the Co-op Food website. We’ll continue to back Veg Power through our ranges, promotions and customer messaging.

We remain committed to helping our customers make healthier and more informed choices when shopping with us through reformulation and making healthier options more affordable through promotions such as our ’Fresh 3’ and using our communication channels to promote healthier lifestyle choices.