13. Motion from Council – Member Voice (Carried - 98.49%)

Motion This AGM welcomes the progress made in giving Individual Members a voice through our formal democratic process and the work being undertaken by the Group and Council to explore how best to complement this process with opportunities for the wider membership to engage with each other and demonstrate why membership of the Co-op is truly distinctive.

This meeting calls on the Board and Council to continue their work in this area, having regard to member feedback and participation, so that member voice remains at the heart of the business, exploring both face-to-face and digital opportunities locally and nationally for members engaging with one another and with the Group which are adequately resourced and commensurate with the size and ambition of the Group.

This meeting calls on the Board to report to the 2017 AGM on achievements made and future plans for member voice generally and in particular its place within any revitalised membership proposition.

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