2023 events

Keep an eye on this web page for more information about this year's events.

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Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) isn’t the only way to have your say in our Co-op: you can ‘Join in Live’ with us this October too.

What is a Join in Live event?

Join in Live events are all about bringing the latest from Co-op to members, colleagues and customers. If you’re looking to make positive changes in your community or want to help us tackle important issues, joining in live is the perfect chance to get more out of your Co-op Membership and help us create a fairer world.

Here’s what members have said about our events

“You make us feel an important part of the organisation - not just customers and consumers."

“These events re-connected me to members and the outside world through Zoom"

And 99% of those surveyed said that they would join a Co-op online event again.

More ways to get involved

With Co-op, you can make a difference in a way that suits you...

Sign up to Join In and share your views on our latest plans, products and services.

You can also sign in to your member account to choose which local cause you want to support.

If you're really interested, you could also stand for election to become a Council Member.

If you're looking to volunteer locally or want to bring your community together for a good cause, visit our Co-operate website to find out more about what people are doing near you.