Find out what happened at our AGM.

Our Co-op is owned by our members and they get a say in how we’re run. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) happens every May and is one of the ways that eligible members can get involved in our Co-op’s democracy.

How you voted in 2017

We asked for your thoughts on key business issues, here’s what you told us:

Fairtrade - you voted for us to strengthen our leadership position.

Modern Slavery - you supported our commitment to help victims of modern slavery with jobs in our stores.

Recycling - you voted for our long-term ambition is that 100% of our packaging will be recyclable.

Elections - see who was chosen to represent you on the board and the Member Council.

Motions - the direction you choose for our business.


We’re backing British farmers - All the meat we sell is now British - from our lamb chops to the bacon in our BLT sandwiches.

We’re doing more to fight water poverty - We now donate 1p from every litre of branded bottled water we sell to support the world’s most vulnerable.

Watch the 2017 AGM

If you couldn’t make it on Saturday, you can watch what happened on YouTube.

Results from previous AGMs