All the cocoa in our products will be Fairtrade by the end of May 2017.

Following the 2017 AGM we're proving our commitment to Fairtrade by:

  1. Returning over £400K annually to cocoa farming communities, with our commitment to only using Fairtrade cocoa by the end of May 2017.

  2. Maintaining our position as the world’s largest seller of Fairtrade wine.

  3. Not just moving to 100% Fairtrade sourcing of cocoa but also co-funding a Fairtrade Africa women's leadership school in Cote D'Ivoire.

  4. Investing in 2 new projects with long term producer organisations Aguadas (coffee, Colombia) and Fintea ( tea, Kenya).

  5. Helping to fund the construction of a much needed medical centre in our producer communities in Tilimuqui in Argentina.

  6. Funding new worker housing with our friends at Bosman Family Vineyards in South Africa.

  7. Reigniting our position as the only retailer to offer Fair Trade charcoal this season, which helps to fund new housing and allotments for the communities in Nambia.

  8. Aiming to source only Fairtrade bananas, tea and coffee as ingredients in Co-op Brand production within 12 months.

Why we're doing it

Our members continue to tell us that Fairtrade is important to them.

At last year’s AGM you asked us to increase our Fairtrade purchases. Since then we have moved all our chocolate confectionery into Fairtrade and announced that by the end of May, all the cocoa in all Co-op products will be sourced on Fairtrade terms, returning over £400K annually to cocoa farming communities.

This year, you voted to help provide clarity about our continuing Fairtrade commitment post-Brexit, and to strengthen our leadership position on Fairtrade. We will continue our commitment to the seven core category areas where we know our Fairtrade sales can have the biggest impact. In turn, we will remain committed to our Fairtrade values and provide an assurance of stability to our Fairtrade suppliers, exploring additional ways of supporting them.

What you can do

Help us to spread the word about the importance of supporting Fairtrade producers. That’s not just something to be proud of, it’s just about doing business the way it should be done.

Enjoy our Fairtrade products! Whether it’s a bar of your favourite chocolate or bottle of Malbec, our Fairtrade products are delicious AND do good.

Share your thoughts on what we’re doing through #TheCoopWay.

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