We’re backing British farmers

We are firmly backing the British farming community.

We announced at the 2017 AGM that we would be extending our commitment to help you buy British. It’s a surprise to most people, but meat imports into the UK have doubled over the last 20 years hitting over £6.2bn according to our research.

What we're doing?

We’re investing £2.5bn into sourcing own brand British meat, produce and dairy products from the UK over the next three years.

As well as our commitment to 100% British own brand meat we will extend British seasons for home-grown fruit and vegetables, support British horticulture with new ranges and flower varieties and commit to fruit and vegetable growers with new long-term contracts. Our multi-billion pound investment in home-grown goods is a ringing endorsement for the quality standards of the products farmers produce.

We hope others will join us in our latest championing move; but for now, let’s just say we are so proud our Co-op is leading the charge in its move to being 100% committed 100% of the time.

Why we're doing it

Farmers and Members told us they wanted more support for British produce. We’ve acted on this feedback and now we’re the only major supermarket to offer 100% British own brand fresh meat all year round in the meat cabinet and in our sandwiches, pies and ready meals. Because we’re owned by members not shareholders we can invest long-term in what matters to communities, not what provides the fastest shareholder return.

What you can do

We hope, as members, you are pleased that our Co-op has made these pledges and commitments to supporting the farmers, growers and producers from across the UK. Make sure you look out for the delicious own brand meat and meat products in store, alongside glorious British fruit, vegetables and flowers.

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