Being a Council Member

Hear from people like you who are making a difference.

As a Co-op Member, you have the chance to elect other members to represent you in our Co-op - or you could take on the role yourself.

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Not sure if being on our Members' Council is for you? Find out more about how some of our Council Members are making a difference below...

John, Stafford

Climate change is the biggest issue affecting communities globally right now. For Co-op's 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), Council Members put forward motions asking for an increased committment to Fairtrade and more to be done to reduce our impact on the natural world. Since then, we've been busy reaching out to Co-op Members for their views and ideas on bringing our motions to life, sharing their feedback with colleagues to help shape plans.

Lois, Wigan

Being on our Members’ Council means I can be a voice for young people. Young people want to see change and Co-op is an inspiring platform for this, bringing people together to create a fairer world for everyone. From championing apprenticeships to helping us tap into new markets like festivals, I’ve been part of shaping a Co-op that’s fit for the future and I want to see more people getting involved and having their say.

Laura, Lincoln

In my role, I help to shape Co-op's community plans and I'm really proud of how well our Member Pioneer network is doing at bringing people together around the UK. Our Join in Live events have been a great tool for connecting us with members and getting their feedback. Building on their success, our Member Pioneers are now busy planning Join in Live Local events to take us into the heart of our communities on a regular basis.