Young Members' Group

Making young people’s voices heard

More than 100 years ago something extraordinary happened. There was a revolution in the town of Rochdale. It was called The Co–op, and it was started by a group of everyday people. Five of them were under 26 years old.

They wanted to create a totally new kind of business based on that wonderful thing called democracy, one that was owned by its customers and put money back into the community. And it worked! Now The Co-op has 2,500 food stores and are a part of daily life for millions of people.

Staying true to our roots we’re giving 6 young people the chance to have their say in how our business is run.

Meet the Young Members' Group

Meet the 6 inspiring young people who currently make up The Co–op Young Members’ Group.

  • Della McDonald


  • Emmanuel Ogbu


  • Elliot Frances-Hewitt


  • Lauren Asher


  • Deirdre MacMahon


  • Alisha Malik-Smith


Our Young Members’ Group are made up of six young people with different skills and knowledge, from a range of backgrounds and experiences, who work with the Co-op on projects and activities.

These include:

  • Working with young people to co-create products, campaigns and services

  • Harnessing the future views of young people to develop strategy, spot trends and plan for next generations

  • Supporting the Co-op to manage the risk of alienating a new generation

  • Ensuring an authentic young people’s voice is heard in the Society

They are more than just 6 people, as each member has their own networks and connections to engage with, with the aim to inspire a movement of young people who work with the Co-op to create a stronger Co-op and stronger communities.

If you'd like to get involved in one of the Co-op Young Members Group projects, or just want to find out more about what they do simply follow them on Twitter @CYMB