The Council recognises the importance of being as diverse and inclusive as possible - especially in relation to under-represented groups (including but not limited to: gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, geography and employee representation).

To address this and meet any shortfalls, up to seven seats on Council are allocated to Council-appointed representatives, or Co-opted Members, each year. This process is known as co-option and any Co-op Member can apply, as the Council eligibility criteria doesn't need to be met. A representative from our Co-op Young Members' Group is also allocated a seat on Council.

Profile picture of Mahalia Flasz (Co-op Young Members' Group)

Mahalia Flasz (Co-op Young Members' Group)

Asset Planner - Manchester

As an asset planner for the Co-op, a member of the Co-op Young Members’ Group and a National Members’ Council representative, I feel I’ve got plenty to offer. I think being on the Council will present me with new challenges and allow me to learn and develop. I want to use this opportunity to grow my network as well as support others and ensure everyone feels comfortable having their voices heard.

Please get in touch at

Profile picture of Jeevan Jones (Vice-President and Senate)

Jeevan Jones (Vice-President and Senate)

Economist - Birmingham

I first joined the National Members’ Council in 2018 and I have been a member of the Senate and the Member Value and Business Performance Committee.

I am committed to representing members and holding the Co-operative Group to account to ensure it is commercially successful while also effectively delivering its purpose, values and principles.

As a regulatory economist, I am experienced in analysing business performance, designing policy and influencing change. I am also a committed co-operator, serving on local committees of Central England Co-operative and the Co-operative Party.

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Profile picture of Catherine Tuitt

Catherine Tuitt

Freelance Adviser - London

I first became involved in co-operatives as a teenager through my mother, who was involved in Carribean co-operatives. In 2000, I established a financial Co-operative called London Community Credit Union. I was very passionate to promote co-operative values when I served as a local elected councillor.

My passion and values lead me to be part of the movement for co-operative models of housing. In the form of community benefit societies and community land trusts, I was an inaugral elected board member for London's first community land trust.

I am currently a director for Roman Road CLT. In my professional career, I worked in public service in the National Health Service and did legal work in solicitors' offices and barristers' chambers. I have also worked in central government. For my hobbies, I paint and am involved in photography as part of community exhibitions.

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Profile picture of Lee Noble (Colleague Council Member)

Lee Noble (Colleague Council Member)

Store Manager - Dewsbury

Someone once told me that I would never be a store manager and that I would never do anything different. I'm happy to say that they were wrong! I believe everyone is entitled to an opportunity to fulfil their full potential, regardless of their background. I also belive in working together to form strong relationships, supporting the community and our colleagues.

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Profile picture of Latefa Mansarit

Latefa Mansarit

Telecom Engineer - Colchester

I am an enthusiastic and dynamic woman of British, French and Moroccan heritage. I have been living in the East of England for the past twenty years. I believe in the Co-op values and goals of building more resilient communities and supporting youth into the world of work.

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Profile picture of Justin Olosunde

Justin Olosunde

Partnerships and Development Manager - Penzance

I am devoted to the co-operative movement and the 3rd sector. I am a current director of South West Business Council and treasurer of CiC It's Possible Camborne. I previously served as volunteer chair of the Senior Executives Forum, special advisor to the Office of the Third Sector, treasurer of Volunteer Cornwall and a school governor for academies in both Devon & Cornwall, as well as serving on a number of other not-for profit boards.

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Profile picture of Jennifer Amadi

Jennifer Amadi

Entries and Results Team Administrator - Manchester

I want to support the Council in championing the values, principles and work that the Co-op does within the community. I'm passionate about collaborative work and know how vitally important it is to have diverse views and representation, for the greater good. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to help ensure there's a diverse voice, the Board is held accountable, and my skills support the Council in continuing to make a real difference.

Please get in touch at

Profile picture of Aysha Khalid (Colleague Council Member)

Aysha Khalid (Colleague Council Member)

Customer Experience Insight Analyst - Chester

I currently chair our young colleague network, Strive, at the Co-op and have been part of the business for nearly 5 years. I am an advocate on doing what matters most, which includes bringing in and speaking up for those who may feel they do not have a voice and in my instance, younger colleagues who would like to support the business but feel at a disadvantage due to their experiences and ages.

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Contacting a Council-appointed representative

Any emails you send to the email addresses listed in the biographies above will come into a central inbox, monitored by our Council Secretariat team, before being passed on to the relevant Council representative.

Any personal information you provide will not be shared with third parties and will only be used for the purpose of responding to your query.