East of England

  • Danny Douglas

    Company Director


    I stood because I am concerned that the recovery of the Co-op must continue and that members have real power in the newly evolving local structures of our organisation. I am currently a Member Pioneer working in Norfolk setting up a local community forum to promote The Co-op through charitable activity and meaningful member involvement. I have previously worked across the East of England in promoting social business’s, including community shops in Essex, community transport services in Essex and Cambridgeshire and developing further education students unions throughout the region.

  • Sarah Newens

    Solicitor (Co-operative Employee)

    Waltham Abbey

    I have been a member of the Co-operative for over forty years and am a regular user of the businesses. I believe passionately in the Co-operative movement. The Co-operative offers something different and special to its members and to its employees. As a member of Council I want to work towards the re-building of the Co-operative Group into a strong organisation that provides services to its members in accordance with our Values and Principles. I am a family solicitor with thirty years’ experience who has been working at Co-operative Legal Services since January 2013. I live in Waltham Abbey Essex.

  • Louise Walker (Senate member)

    Partnership Support Officer


    I have been an Elected Member since March 2009, with experience on Area Committee, Regional Board – being elected Chair in June 2014 - and on the Senate of the Council. My employment background is as a primary school teacher, then founder of a small business. I also worked in the voluntary sector, co-ordinated a project promoting credit unions and currently work in local government. The Council needs to represent the interests of Member Owners and hard-working Colleagues, as we are the eyes and ears of the business. Working together we can ensure the Society’s renewal and future success.

  • Chris Sumner

    Engineering Manager

    Waltham Abbey

    I am a National Council member for East of England constituency. I live in Essex, close to the boundary with Greater London. I am a retired Engineering Manager and have worked predominantly in Food Related industries. I have been a Co-operator and an elected member of various boards and committees for almost thirty years. I believe that the Members' Council needs to be an effective bridge between members and the Board / Executive. Outside my involvement with the Co-operative movement, my interests include History – Local and Social; Travel; Family and going for long walks.

  • Ruth Hall

    Colleague Member

    I am a third generation employee and have been a society member for over twelve years. I feel extremely honoured and proud to represent our East of England members and colleagues. Being on the council allows me to help important voices be heard. It is up to us to uphold our Values and Principles whilst being the pioneers we were born to be. After all it is #TheCoopWay

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