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Profile picture of Dan Crowe (Senate)

Dan Crowe (Senate)

Actor - London

I have been a co-operator since Woodcraft Folk. I trade regularly with the Co-op across our businesses and work to promote our values and principles in my personal and professional life. With a background in policy, research, communications and project management I am trying to use my skills and experience to promote greater opportunities for member involvement in the Co-op. I am particularly keen for the Council to champion innovative and accessible member education and training that promotes the Co-op difference and to support local co-operative, self-help and mutual aid initiatives in the communities where we trade.

Profile picture of Denise Scott-McDonald (President and Senate)

Denise Scott-McDonald (President and Senate)

University Lecturer/Councillor - Greenwich

Currently, I am a councillor in South East London. I am also the cabinet member for Air Quality, Transport and Public Realm for the Royal Borough of Greenwich. A role that involves working on large-scale transport-related and public realm improvement projects at the borough-wide level. At the strategic level, I am working to make Greenwich Council a co-operative council. I also sit on a number of London-wide and national bodies, including London councils and the Local Government Associations’ Wellbeing Board.

In my community, I have been a school governor for an ‘outstanding’ primary school, which has won awards for good governance. I have been the branch secretary for the Greenwich & Blackheath United Nations Association UK, which campaigns for international issues. I have also been a trustee of the Westcombe Woodlands, a group which is helping to restore an ancient woodland area near Greenwich Park. I am a director for the Greenwich Millennium Village, a mixed-tenure development which currently has over 1095 homes, which will increase to 1800 homes. I am also a director of Greenwich Peninsula Company, a scheme to bring 15,000 homes to the North Greenwich area. Both positions involves regular scrutiny of the company data.

Finally, I am also a part-time lecturer at a London University, where I teach courses on journalism and humanities. Prior to this, I was a journalist in New York and London.

Profile picture of Anne Webster

Anne Webster

Teacher - London

I grew up in the North East where the Co-op was my local shop. I have lived in London for the last 27 years and the Co-op is still my local shop. The Co-op provides an invaluable support to the local community.

I am a teacher of blind and visually impaired children. Prior to teaching I worked as a cleaner in a hospital, as a secretary in the House of Commons and in office management.

A strong believer in the importance of community.

Protecting the environment, inclusion and accessibility for all and engagement with local communities are key issues for me.

I greatly value the opportunity to help shape the Co-op’s growth so that it continues to mean as much to others as it has to me and my family, while remaining true to its Mission.

Profile picture of Arabella Weir

Arabella Weir

Writer/Actor - London

My name is Arabella Weir and I am an actor and a writer. I have been involved in many community projects in North London where I grew up and remained as an adult and single parent bringing up two, now adult, children. I formed the PTA at both their primary and secondary schools and was very involved in involving local businesses help raise standards and opportunities for all within the school and local community. I am a passionate (not to say zealous!) believer in the power of community engagement, at all levels, to change and improve our own areas. I am the chair of our local park’s ‘friends’ group and a trustee of a local community garden - both have benefited directly from engagement with the two local Co-op shops. It was these experiences that first awakened me to the very positive and proactive engagement of the Co-op as a business and the potential to have a greater impact. I am very keen to help shape policies and practices that increase the Co-op’s involvement with their local communities and firmly believe this is the ideal model and way forward. I’m really looking forward to working with a wide and diverse group of other Council members.

Profile picture of Christine Edwards

Christine Edwards

Retired - Middlesex

A recently retired school business manager, I have the relevant knowledge, skills and time for this role. A former Heinz customer services sales manager, I was responsible for the Co-op account, which taught me the complexities and significance of the organisation. I understand budget constraints and the importance of communities working together. A long time Co-op shopper and financial services user, I'm excited to be part of the team shaping and ensuring its future.

Profile picture of Rachel Ayangunna

Rachel Ayangunna

Store Manager - London

I have worked for the Co-op Group for 22 years, currently working as a store manager. Our ways of being and our values and principles are in alignment with my personal values. As a store manager, I have worked in several leadership roles, supporting my area manager and colleagues to deliver our commercial targets and Co-op's community initiatives while 'Co-operating for a Fairer World'.

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