The Members' Council

At the heart of our Co-op difference.


It’s a tremendous honour for me to serve as President of our Society. Members elected to our Council play a key role in our Co-op. We have unparalleled access to our Co-op’s business leaders and opportunities to work alongside and collaborate with colleagues to develop new business ideas.

Back to Being Co-op

2016 was the year we went ‘Back to Being Co-op’. Before the brand launch, the Council provided a robust challenge to the business to ensure our members’ views were heard. The business responded positively, and as a result, we’re delighted to be inputting into the Renewal strategic planning work throughout 2017.

Holding to Account

In 2016, the Council completed a new framework ‘the Co-op Compass’ to support us in holding the Board to account. It’s a shared way to monitor and measure business performance against four key co-operative lenses: Member Value; Member Voice; Co-operative Leadership and Ethical and Sustainable Leadership.

Another way the Council has been able to play a direct role alongside the business is through our Co-op Way Policy Committee. By providing a member perspective, we’re putting the Co-op difference back at the centre of how we do business.

Building a stronger Co-op

Work commenced in 2016 to improve the ways we communicate with members including more member forums, blogs, social media, ‘A taste of your Co-op’ meetings and the Council newsletter. In 2016, we proposed the Member Pioneer and local forums model, and we’re delighted that Member Pioneers will now be appointed in each of the 1,500 communities in which we trade.

Nick Crofts, President of the Council