Members' Council elections

Voting in these Elections has now closed.

The Members' Council is made up of 100 elected member representatives. It includes representatives from independant co-operative societies and people chosen to reflect our diversity and inclusion principles.

Representing 13 areas across the UK, the Members' Council ensures millions of members' voices are heard at the highest level by working closely with the Board.

Read your President's statement about what the Members' Council has achieved in the last 12 months.

Voting in this election is by single transferable vote (STV)

Single Transferable Vote explained (PDF, 1 page, 205 KB)

Encouraging diversity

The Members’ Council believes diversity enhances co-operation. We’re committed to encouraging a diverse range of members to stand for election to co-operative bodies.

In 2016, we set up a diversity group to consider why significantly fewer female members stand for election to the Council and the issue of wider under-representation on the Council. We’re introducing initiatives to encourage under-represented members to participate – whether in respect of gender, age, ethnicity, disability or other diversity criteria.

We ask candidates for diversity information to help measure our progress.