AGM 2017 motions 8 to 12

These are Ordinary Resoulutions and are advisory.

These motions only need a simple majority to go through.

Joint Board and Council Motion – Agreeing our political spend on things like donations and subscriptions to Political Parties.

Motion 8 - Carried (For – 78.52%, Against – 21.48%) : To seek approval to incur political expenditure, including donations and/or subscriptions to political parties, not exceeding £750,000 in total for the year commencing 1 January 2018.

Members' Motion - Pay gap.

Motion 9 - Carried (For – 97.45%, Against – 2.55%) : This AGM notes that executive pay has increased significantly in the UK, whilst pay at the bottom for the lowest paid has largely stagnated. Co-operatives should be operating on a different basis that is more ethical and reflects greater equity within the workforce. The Co-operative Group as a leading co-op in the UK should be setting the benchmarks which other co-operatives could adopt where appropriate. This ethical approach to pay ratios would be good business and make good co-operative sense reflecting our concern to ensure that our staff are fairly remunerated so as to keep delivering the business performance our society needs if we are to remain the public’s convenience retailer of choice.

We call upon the Board to review the current pay ratio from top to bottom and set a strategy to narrow the differential to an appropriate level as reflects our co-operative principles and ethical approach to business, including progress towards a real living monthly wage for the lowest paid staff. We ask the Board to report on progress to the AGM in 2018.

Members' Motion - Fairtrade

Motion 10 - Carried (For – 98.24%, Against – 1.76%) : We welcome the support for Fairtrade being demonstrated by the Co-op.

However, following Brexit, farmers in developing countries face new uncertainties around future tariffs and their access to the UK market.

To help provide clarity about our continuing Fairtrade commitment post-Brexit and to strengthen the UK Co-operative Movements leadership position on Fairtrade, we urge the Co-op not only to remain committed to its Fairtrade values, but also to provide an assurance of stability to its Fairtrade suppliers and to explore additional ways of supporting them.

Joint Board and Council Motion – Modern Slavery

Motion 11 - Carried (For – 96.77%, Against – 3.23%): This AGM is saddened and horrified that more than 10,000 people are victims of modern slavery in the UK and:

  • supports extending our Co-op’s Bright Future partnership with City Hearts to other organisations who support victims of Modern Slavery
  • agrees our Co-op should raise awareness of the issue of Modern Slavery throughout the UK ; and
  • encourages our Co-op to campaign with members across the UK for greater support and opportunities for victims of Modern Slavery from local and central Government and from other co-operatives and businesses who can provide opportunities for victims to return to paid work.

Joint Board and Council Motion – Recycling

Motion 12 - Carried (For – 99.05%, Against – 0.95%): This AGM recognises that while 85% of Co-op Members say that packaging recyclability is important to them currently two thirds of packaging in the UK on consumer goods goes unrecycled. Therefore, this AGM:

  • supports our Co-op’s aim to make 100% of our packaging easy to recycle, with an interim target of 80% easy to recycle by 2020;
  • encourages our Co-op to work with people across the industry to seek better ways to package food and maximise the amount of packaging handled by recycling facilities in the UK; and
  • agrees our Co-op should inform and guide shoppers about the positives and challenges behind recycling.

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