North East

  • Andrew Donkin

    Technical Manager Depots (Co-operative Employee)

    Co Durham

    As a proud employee of over 25 years I eat sleep and breathe The Co-op and co-operation. I’ve a Co-op sponsored first class degree BA (Hons) in Applied Management and 15 years’ experience of the Co-ops governance as well as School governance for a Co-op Business and Enterprise School. During these 25 years I have seen many changes and challenging times but genuinely feel the future looks brighter than it ever has. Our members own the business, and we’re creating a framework where we are better able to engage with them and help them to help us determine our future.

  • Mark Ormston

    MIS Manager

    North Shields

    I’m educated to post graduate level and have significant management experience. I gained the Diploma in Co-operation while serving on the North Regional Board. I am dedicated to Co-operative values and principles and enthusiastically support membership activities. I bring an in-depth business knowledge, proven financial acumen, strategic insight, an informed social perspective, respect for governance, an ability to influence and inform decisions and a desire to serve the wider membership. I would like to see the Council perform an effective custodian role, holding the Board to account in areas such as business performance, strategy direction, social responsibility and ethical trading.

  • Ray Henderson

    Company Secretary


    Biography not available.