North West

  • Alan Sandham

    Retired Journalist


    As a founder member of The Co-operative Group National Members’ Council from May 2015, I am excited by being involved at the centre of the organisation, representing Members in the North-West. My six years on the North Lancashire and South Cumbria Area Committee have been invaluable in further developing my understanding of how things tick and the vital importance of Values, Principles and other Co-op aims and ambitions. I enjoy being Member Pioneer for Lancaster and Morecambe, having led several Co-operative Local Forums so far and co-ordinating charity fund-raising events with the support of store managers and colleagues.

  • Martin Rogers (Senate member)

    Head of Service Delivery (Co-operative Employee)


    I’ve worked for Co-op for 11 years, after a career in investment banking in Frankfurt and London, and two years teaching HIV education and English for Voluntary Service Overseas in China. I’m hugely passionate about my role, listening to stores and leading service for customers and members. I’m proud of our history, excited by the future and energised by the present. We have an opportunity to make differences to communities across the UK and globally, leading in sustainable and ethical business. The Co-op will succeed when we return to our roots as a member owned business which makes commercial and social capital.

  • Ayọ Ogolo

    African Historian/Creative Practioner

    Whalley Range

    Originating from Liverpool 8, and living in Whalley Range, Manchester for 30 years. Owned clothing and knitting businesses, a pioneer and Veteran of the Poetry Slam circuit, and Artistic Director of both ‘Ayo Touring’, and ‘Akua Ltd’. An author of 12 Children’s self-publications. I am particularly passionate about the geographical movement of people, and within community and corporate business models. I have knowledge and experience of full integration practices and participatory skills. Currently the Whalley Range Market Stall Organiser, showcasing European and Manchester Artists.

  • Frank Nelson (Senate member)



    I worked for The Co-operative Bank for 33 years, leaving when made redundant and retired happily in December 2007. I was a Group Board member in 2014/15 and Co-operative Bank/ Group Pension Fund Trustee for over 20 years upto 2012. My wife and I shop regularly at our local Food stores; I hold a Funeralcare Bond; we still bank at The Co-operative Bank. I want the Council to be the authentic voice for all Members!

  • Mary McGuigan

    Communication Professional

    Cheadle Hulme

    I’m a lifelong co-operator and deeply passionate about the movement. I worked for The Co-operative for 16 years and continue to work with co-operatives, credit unions and charities in a freelance capacity. My commitment to the values and principles is absolute and I relish the opportunity to truly help them shine in the Group and play an active role in rebuilding it to fulfil its full potential.

  • Sam Hale

    Financial Complaints Handler


    I have previously served as a trustee for the British Youth Council that runs the UK Youth Parliament programme, as a trustee for my Students’ Union whilst at University and was also a Local Authority representative on the Management Committee of a Short Stay School in Lancaster. For me, a strong community is one in which its residents go to work, shop and stand together. I’m involved with the Co-operative as through our businesses we unite people and help build a stronger community for all. I want to see a Council that isn’t afraid to fight for ordinary members.

  • Nick Crofts (President and Senate Member)

    Office Manager


    Passionate about the Co-op, I served for six years on Area Committee/Regional Board before joining the Council at Transition. I previously chaired the Board of Venture Housing Association during their recent amalgamation with a Merseyside Registered Provider, and now serve on the board of another Liverpool Housing Association.I am a Labour & Co-operative Councillor in Liverpool, and served four years as a member of the Co-op Party’s National Executive. I also sit on the board of the trading arm of a Merseyside Foodbank and renewable energy co-op. I blog about my presidency of the National Members’ Council -

  • Jan Barnett



    As a recently elected Council member I’m new to the Co-op, although having shopped there for over 20 years feel that my local Bromley Cross store belongs to me. Which of course as a member it actually does! That’s what’s so unique about our Co-op and what excites me when I think about the potential for the wider communication of that message. A graduate of Keele University I have worked in strategic planning and marketing for the Tootal Group, organised a reading charity, primary teacher for 12 years and now own and run a schools and colleges healthy vending business.

  • Rebecca Hamilton

    Rebecca Hamilton

    Auditor (Co-operative Employee)


    I have been a Co-operative employee and member for over 16 years. I am a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant working for the Groups Internal Audit Department. From my work in Internal Audit I have gained an overview of all the Group’s business activities, products and services and their commercial impact within the retail sector. I am an active member of the Co-operative Credit Union, both as a member, Director and Chair of its Credit Committee. I firmly believe in Co-operative Values and Principles and am committed to adding value to the Members’ Council.

  • Robert Heys

    Originally from Accrington, I now live on the Wirral, but I work as the General Manager of Macclesfield Town Football Club, so I see a lot of the north west over the course of a week. I am a great believer in the Co-op way of doing things, life is just so much better when we all work together.

    Having been recently elected to the Co-op Council, I am looking forward to working with other Council members and Co-op employees to help to play a small part in making a brilliant organisation even more amazing.