South East

  • Susan Smith (Senate member)

    Science Technician


    I live in Brighton and work at a local sixth form college. I have been actively involved with the Co-operative Group over a number of years and since 2006 have served as an elected member on the Group’s local, regional and national committees. I am also a Director of a local not-for profit Community Development Trust, as well as serving as a staff governor at my college. As a Council member, I believe application of our Co-operative Values and Principles can deliver a financially successful commercial organisation, which is ethical and sustainable – both as a business and as a co-operative.

  • Paul A Newman



    Having been a Co-operative customer and member (RACS) since student days my loyalty has been unwavering. I have experience in public sector management; leadership in community organisations and participation in local community and environmental groups. I attended the 2010 AGM as an Area Member Delegate when amid the banking crisis it seemed the Group was on the crest of a mutual wave and present also in May 2014 when SGM received Sir Christopher Kelly’s Report and overwhelmingly accepted Lord Myners’ recovery and restructuring proposals. I am a Co-op Party member based in Winchester.

  • Adrienne Lowe

    Senior Teacher


    I am privileged to have been an elected member of the Co-operative Group for many years including previously chairing the South East Regional Board during which time I championed co-operative values and principles at all levels. I have been a local councillor and am currently involved in the development of Adur Co-operative Local Forum where I am committed to improving links between the stores and the community so developing meaningful member participation. I want to see a commercially viable Co-operative Group that is valued for its ethical trading and is an organisation of which the members can be proud.

  • Bob Harber

    Cycle trainer


    Retired Economics and Business Lecturer; now Cycle Trainer. Involved with the Group and its predecessors for 30 years at Committee and Board levels, and have always worked for good member and staff relationships, based on mutual respect. Naturally, the Council must hold the Board to account for the necessary commercial success. But Council must also require success in co-operative aims: long-term restoration of member economic benefits, significant membership involvement and the upholding of co-operative values and principles.

  • Steve Fairfax

    LGV Driver (Co-operative Employee)


    I live in Folkestone, Kent. I am currently an LGV driver at our West Thurrock Depot where I have been for the past 18 months. Previous to this I was a Store Manager for 10 years. I have served on the Area Committee for 4 years. I also sit as the Chair of a charity trust which I have held for 10 years and am pleased and proud the work we do with young people. As a Council Member it is my role to hold the Board to account and make sure our Values and Principles are alive in our business.

  • Tricia Davies (Senate member)



    I live in Thatcham, Berks. I shop in my local Co-op almost every day and have done for the last 30 years. I am married and Mum to four sons and have a little granddaughter. I also run a book keeping and accountancy business. I have been privileged to have been involved as an elected member for six years. I hope to see thriving local member forums as vibrant local member activity is key to the success of the Co-op as a membership organisation and in turn provides an opportunity for increased trade and recognition for the business.

  • Ruth Barrow



    I live in Bicester and have been a member of the co-operative movement for many years. Now retired, I spent my entire career in the IT industry. I have a BA and an MBA from the Open University. I am a Community Governor of a local primary school and I was a Games Maker at London 2012. I believe that the co-operative movement is an essential part of the fabric of the UK. As a Council member, it is my responsibility to ensure that co-operative values and principles are at the centre of the Co-operative Group and its activities.

  • Andy Piercy

    My introduction to the Co-operative movement was through the Woodcraft Folk. I have been a co-op member since 1963, and have been active in the democratic structures of the co-op ever since.

    My working life includes local government (personnel), and General Secretary of the Woodcraft Folk, promoting co-operative values and internationalism.

    My areas of expertise/ special interest are encouraging participation by young people, diversity issues, ethical sourcing/ fair trade and environmental issues.