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Council Members are at the heart of our business to give members, like you, a platform for sharing your views and ideas on how we can make our Co-op one we can all be proud of for years to come. Get in touch locally:

If you’re looking to raise a complaint or have questions about your membership or local store, please call: 0800 0686 727.

  • David Stanbury (Senate)



    Lifelong co-operator – Co-op member since age 18. Working class background. Educated at state schools and Oxford University (MA). 8 years a county councillor, in both Staffordshire (youngest member) and Devon, where I was the chair of 36 member SDP/Liberal Alliance group. SDP parliamentary candidate twice. Former magistrate in Plymouth. Former Stafford and Stone Co-operative Society Director. Extensive business experience. Worked for multi-nationals and for last 21 years before retirement ran a successful not-for-profit trust (c15 staff). Regular charity volunteer. Member of Salvation Army. Members' Council pay donated to charities.

  • Andrew Wade



    Retired council worker, former director, stocktaker, and pension fund trustee of Plymouth Co-op. Graduate of the University of Wales and Ruskin College in Oxford. Working member of Hope Credit Union for 15 years. Co-op member since 1974 and very active in the old Plymouth Society. Member of the National Progressive Federation.

  • Susan Milestone

    Susan Milestone

    Carer/ County Councillor


    I have a work history in project management, archiving and the environmental movement. I moved to Bristol from Durham in 1974, where I have continued to live with my family. Until recently, I was a Labour & Co-operative Party councillor in Bristol and am currently a Governor at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust.

    After graduating in Fine Art, I went on to complete a Masters’ Degree in European Business Administration. I also studied social policy at post-graduate level, specialising in equalities. I describe myself as a feminist, socialist and co-operator; a campaigner for social justice, the environment, human rights, and the Trade Union and European movement. I enjoy travel and languages.

  • Michael Harriott

    Early Years Practitioner / Finance Manager


    I have been involved with co-ops for over 30 years. I have founded co-ops, sat on boards of directors for a number of co-ops, and have been elected to the Members' Council for the Co-op. I see my role on the Council as representing members who elected me and being the voice of the local member at our meetings. I want to push for the Co-op to become a truly inspirational place to shop and work. I report back to members on my activities on my blog, which can be found at Please get in touch.

  • Sofy Crew

    Warehouse Administrator


    I am originally from Venezuela, where I trained as a journalist. On coming to the UK, I immediately became a member of the Co-op because I was attracted to the values and principles of this great movement. I am proud to have been part of the great tradition of Bristol co-operators who have fought for our way of doing business, especially when our democracy has been under threat. I stood for the Members' Council to be a voice for members and to defend and improve co-operative democracy.

  • Marlene Corbey



    A member since 1976, I am a customer of Co-op Food, Co-op Insurance, Co-op E-Store, Co-operative Energy, and the Phone Co-op. I also hold a Diploma of Co-operation. My role as a member of our Members’ Council is to represent everyone, including our colleagues, who engage daily with our members.

    Community is key to our principles and I am fully involved in Wiltshire - working with Co-op Food, Funeralcare, and supporting Fairtrade. Together, we are contributing to a successful future for the Co-op and our members.

  • Sue Body



    I am a sheep farmer and became involved with the Co-op to understand about the food chain from farmer to consumer.

    During my time with the Co-op, I've learnt of the advantages of co-operatively-run businesses to owner-members and colleagues and met many committed and friendly people. Changing our democratic structure to a national one gives me confidence that we will be able to put members’ views forward more effectively and to help steer the Co-op in the direction of running our businesses profitably and in our principled way.

  • Scott Allen (Council Colleague Member)

    Team Manager


    My name is Scott Allen and I have worked for Co-op Food for the last 17 years. I am very passionate about our Society and see how decisions impact both customers & colleagues on a daily basis. I feel colleagues voices are often ignored and intend to continue putting our point across.

  • Sandra Mitchell (Council Colleague Member)

    Store Colleague


    I grew up in Gloucestershire in a working class family, before moving to Cornwall 26 years ago. I am married with six children and six grandchildren and hold very strong family values.

    I have worked for my local Co-op for almost eleven years, currently running the in-store bakery. I have been an USDAW representative for 18 months and store Community Champion for nearly 12 months. My passion is to help my local community.

  • Geoffrey Wood (Council Colleague Member)

    Store Manager

    Newton Abbot

    My name is Geoffrey Wood. I am 36 years old and live in South Devon. I'm originally from North Yorkshire and moved to Devon 4 years ago with my wife Sarah and our two children, Nathaniel and Sapphire.

    I have worked for the Co-op for 13 years and began my journey in retail at 15, straight from school. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to represent our members' interests.

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