Council Elections 2020: South West results

Successful candidates

Sandra Mitchell (elected for three years)

Marlene Corbey (elected for three years)

Michael Harriott (elected for three years)

Ekaterina Vasileva (elected for three years)

Visit our South West representatives page to find out more about Sandra, Marlene, Michael and Ekaterina.

Unsuccessful candidates

Tanya Brownridge

James Craigie

Scott Allen

Julia Schlotel

Nicola Huckerby

Craig Clarke

Kevan Cook

Stephen Oliver

Jonathan Charlesworth

Rob Hannaford

Simon Crew

Andrew Mullen

Irene Ermelli

Mark Smith

Paul Johnson

Brian Mcauley

John Lake

Graham Slack

Jens Haus

Daniel Beare

Stephen Hennessy

Sean Edwards-Playne

Clive Moore